Computer and Cellphone Services

We want you to leave feeling lighter. We will take the weight off your shoulders and have your technology trouble removed!

Time and efficiency is our main goal to help you resolve your business needs.

We have over 20 benches to start your desktop and laptop repair. This will
ensure your repair will be started as soon as possible.

We understand you are as busy as us. We try our best to accommodate your busy schedule so that we can provide the best turnaround time possible. 

We value your business very much.  We strive to have top-notch service for our clients on your every visit. 

Sometimes we need your input and help to solve your computer problems. Communication is key in diagnosing computer problems, we will try our best to bring out your problem so we can better assist you.

We Offer Express Service To All of Our Customers

We know that sometimes problems show up at the worst time possible. You are all important to us but there are some cases that it's a little more rush than usual. No matter if it's catching a flight or catching a deadline we are here to help.


15138 North Bluff Road, White Rock, B.C, Canada


Open Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm